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Welcome to EPIC Legacy Fitness

In all reality, if things don’t change, things don’t change.  Sounds simple, right?  It’s not.  How many times have we all wished that things would change instead of doing something about it?

That’s where Kim was in 2011 and she desperately wished for things to change on their own.  In 2013 she and her husband, Tyler, founded EPIC Legacy Fitness and set out on mission to get her life back physically and change their family LEGACY forever.

Kim has inspired many as she has gone from crippled and unable to walk to being in the best shape of her life.  Tyler has been the glue that has held this family together.  He has been a cheerleader at times and allowed Kim’s story to shine while he works on his own story behind the scenes.

More About Us

We are a family of 5!  Even though we love our small town community and church in Texas, we are currently homeschooling our 3 kids.

When you go through something as traumatic as almost dying and knowing that you were not going to see your kids raised, married, grandkids, and all the moments in between, you start looking at life differently.  When you survive, you start looking at how to live life differently.

For us homeschooling and keeping our family together was important because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring and if one of us (Tyler or Kim) has to leave this earth “early” we want to make sure our children truly know us, know we loved and cared for them and understand our EPIC Legacy as a gift to them.