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What People are Saying

"If someone would ask me a good reason to join EPIC Legacy Fitness, I'd say first off because of our coach, Kim! She's an amazing motivator and a true inspiration! She's great at sharing helpful information on health, nutrition, and fitness and her humor definitely keeps you engaged and entertained, while keeping you motivated and on track! As for the people in the group, they're all so down to earth and make you feel right at home. It's so encouraging to know that you're not alone on this walk to better health. You can be yourself without feeling judged. This group is relaxed, fun, motivating, inspirational and awesome to be a part of."

- Deborah W.

"Realized last night that my All Clad cookware isn't so heavy. Thanks Kim! #itsthelittlethings"

- Andrea M.

"Well thanks to Kim Row I am back to 139 pounds. The exercise is a big inspiration to me because she also has bilateral neuropathy."

- Mina G.

"I have lost over 20 pounds from Shakeology and working out with Beachbody on Demand. I enjoy the accountability that Kim and I share through the Challenge Group."

- Amy C.

"Wearing a pair of pants that I haven't worn since 2013. They're a little snug, but I'm feeling motivated!!! Thanks!"

- Andrea M.

"Today was the last day of Brazil Butt Lift. I lost 2 pounds and 7 inches. I'd say that's not too bad!"

- Candace B.